Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Day - III

A New Hope...

Yes we can...yes we did...and yes, we have only just begun!!! This is a day that I did not think I would see in my lifetime. And I gladly eat those words and sentiments whole. With approx 65% of the voting population represented we have not simply made but mandated the choice of Barack Obama as our president-elect. Know that this is a victory for America by Americans from all walks of life, truly representing the America that is and that we hope her to be.

I can say for my part I will hold my head higher tomorrow knowing that my country and my home has chosen to reaffirm the democratic ideals which we hold sacred, and demonstrated the commitment to uphold them, to renew them, and to make them even better than they were when handed down to us. God truly continues to bless us all.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day - II

I Came...I Saw...I Voted

Well, got my Dunkies and got to the polling place right at 6:55a. A little line had formed outside the Veterans Club as we waited for the doors to open. The group there was somewhat mixed. Some seemed to know each other or were simply politely chatting. I kinda stuck out. Only guy above 6 feet, among other things ;-) But among those not chatting there seemed to be a quiet tension. A sense of purpose that they seemed to want to talk about but feared brining to light. That's certainly how I felt.

The polling station opened a little late, so unfortunately no "in and out in 2 minutes" like the old timer in front of me reminisced about when the clock struck 5 after. I was about 20th in line, but quickly became 7th in line when it split between A-L and M-Z. Lucky break!

The lady checking names took about 3 minutes to find mine. Par for the course when you're also a tall (formerly) skinny guy with a funny name. I handed her my registration card to make it a little easier. It wasn't. Oh well.

Something on the ballot reminded me of a poster I saw on that read, "Don't trust Zapf Dingbats". The thing about it was the logo, the same five pointed star I've seen on the McCain posters and commercials (since he picked Palin anyway) was there on the ballot next to "Democrats" in the Straight Ticket section at the top of the page. The logo next to the "Republicans" selection was the miniaturized eagle and shield combo with lightening bolts and flamethrowers, etc. Don't trust Zapf Dingbats indeed! Wonder whose idea that was? Imagery's a powerful thing. I wondered how many older voters that may throw off on both sides of the ticket. Just to be on the safe side, I went to the Presidential Election section and filled in my line for Obama and Biden. Not a moment I'll soon forget (sorry to rub it in Agz) .

I would however like to forget that I nearly jammed up the voting machine by letting the corner of my folder get sucked in a bit when I fed my ballot sheet through. A more than gentle tug got it free. Shoulda put down the damn coffee. Such an addict.

The highlight was when the woman walking out next to me said: "Make history. Check that off the to do list." I gave her a hale and hardy amen, then scooted off to work, blasting People of the Sun the whole way — a not-so guilty indulgence.

Go vote!!! And watch the dingbats.

Don't Trust Zapf Dingbats - Design For Obama Campaign Poster

Election Day - I

Election Day

I forgot that I forgot to set my alarm back an hour. So when I set my alarm last night and saw it set to 8am, wondering why the hell I'd set it so late, it didn't occur to me that resetting it for “6:45”, I'd actually be up at 5:45 am.

I said my prayers, for Barack, for his family, for the country and for us all. I thought of my grandma. Told her picture about what's going on today. I wished that she and all my grandparents could be here to share this historic day.

I'm not sure what the polls will be like. It's 6:30 now. Thinking I might be on the early side for my polling station. But going to go ahead now and make a move to the polling station. With a quick Dunkie's stop first.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama On Grandmother And Campaign: "Bittersweet"

I don't often cry these days, but today I cried. To see a man fighting through his own tears to share his grandmother's story and to inspire us to fight on her behalf and the quiet heroes like her, I cried.God bless you and your family, Senator Obama. We are with you.

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