Monday, May 08, 2006

Save The Internet, Now!!!

Are our troops in Iraq getting wounded maimed and killed to protect our Democracy or a Kleptocracy? The cable and phone companies seem to subscribe to the latter. There are bills up for consideration in both houses of congress which will allow the big Internet service providers (the keepers of the trunk lines) to charge a premium for full bandwidth access to domains. Meaning?

The speed with which you get your websites, your email, browse your newsgroups, listen to iTunes, and watch YouTube videos? Forget it. Unless the hosts of the websites, email, newsgroups, etc. are willing to pay the premium, they will get a smaller bandwidth, therefore SLOWER access to the Internet. If you own a website. Guess what? Pay up or slow down.

We enjoy net neutrality. On the Internet, Fox News and Democracy Now! are at the same level as It's the last bastion of democracy. Not simply national democracy, but GLOBAL democracy* (*offer invalid in China, Iran, Turkmenistan, and Utah).

Please go to, sign the petition, get the details, contact your representatives and senators, and tell Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) to go suck an egg. Don't let Bush and his whoring-family-values-gestapo-cronies louse up yet another democracy, PLEASE!!!

Save The Internet, Now!!!


AFroNaut said...

Here are some additional links that offer some helpful information:

US Congressional Sites Regarding the Telecom Act/COPE
- Rep. Markey Introduces the amendment on Net Neutrality
- The Committee on Energy and Commerce: Hearing to consider H.R. ____, a Committee Print on the Communications Opportunity, Promotion, and Enhancement Act of 2006
- Rep. Maurice Hinchey Press Release: Hinchey, Future of American Media Caucus Members Urge House Telecom Leaders To Approve Legislation Safeguarding Free & Open Access To All Internet Sites

Media Coverage and Commentary on the Telecom Act/COPE
- Free Press: Untangling the Telecom Act
- Free Press Telecom Act Tracker
- Democracy Now! Interview: Free Press co-founder Robert McChesney Discussing COPE Telecom Bill

Search Results*
- Google Keyword Search: COPE, telecom, act, 2006
*NOTE:what's telling about this is that scanning through the first 3 pages of results not one of the major networks or news outlets has a story covering this.

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AFroNaut said...

One more link:

Daily Kos:Updates on the Congressional COPE and Net Neutrality Acts

AFroNaut said...

The word's getting out! You'll notice a few images added to this post and the blog sidebar itself. That's cause has now gotten on board and they have information and a petition in conjunction with the organizers. I will continue to add new info I find here, in the comments section. If you find any useful info or news, I welcome you to do the same. Peace!

handsofftheinternet said...

Hi, I happen to work with Hands off the Internet -- yes, that's the other side. You've got a lot of links to a lot of commentary here, but if I may I'd like to add one to the opposing view. Yes, there is one, and no, it's not because people just love big corporations. This is far from the "end of the Internet".

Anyway, here is a Flash video pointing in the other direction. And be sure to check out our site for more. Thanks!