Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Auntie Virus 2007

My dad just asked me what the best Anti-Virus software is now. "No %&#@$! clue," says I. (Not in so few words of course). Anyhow, I did some searching and found a buncha useful links that will help him make an informed Anti-Virus decision. The smartest one always being: wrap your tool, fool!

The following are the latest Top # Lists for Anti-Virus Software (in no particular order):

The only other thing I'll add is that most of the sites above have a shopping section where you can do your own side-by-side reviews and see what other folks using the given products have to say about them. You can purchase the products through some of these sites, but they should also include links to the home pages of the software companies or products themselves. What do I use?

I'm cheap, they're free, and they do what I need them to so far. I particularly like ClamWin/ClamAV because they are Open Source, and their philosophy is that the internet is safer when everyone has high quality anti-virus tools. If you do download, give 'em a donation. May I suggest what you would have paid to renew your old Norton or McAfee license?

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