Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Screed of Blogs: Collective Nouns Revisited

In honor of James Lipton's appearance on NPR's Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me. Lipton wrote the classic compendium of collective nouns An Exaltation of Larks. Mr. Lipton, here are my submissions should you ever decide to do an update:

U.S. Politics

  • Congress-persons: A lout of congress-persons.
  • Democrats: A simpering of Democrats.
  • Environmentalists: An ostentation of environmentalists (my apologies to the ostentatious-ostentation of environmentalist peacocks everywhere).
  • Lobbyists: A usurpation of lobbyists.
  • Polls: A babel of polls.
  • Republicans: A bluster of Republicans.
  • Senators: A quibble of senators.
  • Voters: An exasperation of voters.

World Politics

  • Allies: A fluster of allies.
  • Contractors: A fusillade of contractors.
  • Dictators: A scrotum of dictators.
  • G8 Leaders: A crust of G8 leaders.
  • Opposition Parties: A squelch of opposition parties.
  • Peace Accords: A phantom of peace accords.
  • Summits: A fog of summits.
  • War Crimes: A roost of war crimes.


  • Blogs: A screed of blogs.
  • Bloggers: An excretion of bloggers ;-)
  • Internet Porn: A tumescence of internet porn.
  • Medical Experts: A quack of medical experts.
  • Podcasts: A tympany of podcasts.
  • Previews: An molestation of previews.
  • Pundits: A carbuncle of pundits.
  • Reality Shows: A desperation of reality shows.
  • Talking Heads: A bobble of talking heads.

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